A Conference on The Role of NGOs/INGOs in Developing Madhesh    

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Conference Format

A conference on
The Role of NGOs/INGOs in Developing Madhesh
Organised by: Non-Resident Madheshis Association
Chair: Dr. C. K. Raut

14-15 November 2011, Monday & Tuesday
Centre for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD), Alpha Beta Complex
Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal


2011 November 14 Monday



9:00 am — 10:00 am

Registration / ID Check / Security Check


Inauguration Ceremony, Hosts: Prasun Singh (Miss Terai 2011) & Raghav Pratap

10:00 am — 12:00 am

Guests Seating

Panas lighting and inauguration by the Honourable Dan Bahadur Chaudhary, Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare


Welcome Speech and Opening Remarks

Dr. C. K. Raut
Conference Chair and President of the Non-Resident
Madheshis Association (NRMA)

pdf (225 kB)


Keynote Speech

His Excellency Robert Piper
United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nepal

pdf (46kB)



His Excellency Dr. Alexander Spachis
European Union Delegation to Nepal

pdf (to be added)



His Excellency John Tucknott
UK Ambassador to Nepal



Shri Jaideep Mazumdar
Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of India



Mr. Rajib Upadhya,
Sr. External Affairs Specialist from World Bank

pdf (45kB)


Speech by
The Honourable Dan Bahadur Chaudhary

Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare 


12:00 pm – 1:00pm


Afternoon Session – A, Session Chair: Dr. Shree Govind Shah

1:00 pm — 1:30 pm


Save the Terai/Madhesh by Conserving Churia Hills: Environmental
Services Perspective and Role of I/NGOs

Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh

slides (ppt, 14MB)

1:30 pm — 2:00 pm


Forestry in Tarai: Review of Present Condition and Way Forward

Dr. Binod Bhatta1
(presenter) and Dr. Akhileshwar Lal Karna

Director – Research, Alliance for Social Mobilization – Alliance Nepal

slides (pptx, 710kB)


2:00 pm — 2:30 pm


Tarai Forest Management: Policy, Politics and State of Exclusion of
Traditional Users

Dr. Nagendra P. Yadav

slides (ppt, 21MB)


2:30 pm — 3:00 pm


Non-green revolution for socioeconomic transformation in Terai

Dr. J. K. Raut
Central Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal.

slides (pptx, 621kB)


3:00 pm — 3:30 pm


Afternoon Session – B, Session Chair: Mr. C. K. Lal

3:30 pm — 4:00 pm


Environment, Climate Change and Agriculture in Madhesh Region: Prospects for Nation Building

Dr. Shree Govind Shah
Environment Planning and Policy Analyst

slides (ppt, 4MB)


4:00 pm — 4:30 pm


Fiscal Arrangements for the Poorest of the Poor in Federal Nepal

Dr. Uma Shankar Prasad, PhD
Centre for Economic Development & Administration (CEDA), Tribhuvan University, Nepal

slides (ppt, 517kB)


4:30 pm — 5:00 pm


Madhesh and Constitution Making in Nepal

Mr. Dinesh Tripathi
Supreme Court Advocate


5:00 pm — 5:30 pm


Health Status in Madhesh, Nepal

Prof. Dr. Ram Kewal Shah

Head of Department, Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery, Nepal Medical
College Teaching Hospital

slides (ppt, 2.5MB)


2011 November 15 Tuesday

Morning Session, Session Chair: Dinesh Tripathi

10:00 am — 10:30 am


Chaos in the Water Sector: Developments Failure to Provide Safe Water in
the Terai

Dr. Linda Smith
Director, Filters for Families

slides (pptx, 16MB)


10:30 am — 11:00 am


Gender Equity: An Important Stake for Socio- Economic Development in
National / International Scenario

Prof. Madhavi Singh Shah

slides (ppt, 128kB)


11:00 am — 11:30 am


Voice of Madhesi Activists: Challenging the status quo of the dominant
civic actors!

Mr. Dipendra Jha
Human Rights Lawyer

slides (ppt, 7MB)


11:30 am — 12:00 pm

Identity Crisis of Muslims: A Religious Minority in Nepal

H. M. Zahid Parwez

Researcer, CERID, Tribhuvan University

slides (ppt, 276kB)


12:00 pm — 1:00 pm


Afternoon Session-A, Session Chair:
Madhavi Singh Shah

1:00 pm — 1:30 pm

Multilingual Contexts in the Tarai: Issues in Nepalese Perspective

Prof. Yogendra P. Yadava
Linguistics, Tribhuvan University

slides (ppt, 4MB)


1:30 pm — 2:00 pm

Cultural Heritage of Terai-Madhesh.

Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh

slides (pptx, 96kB)


2:00 pm — 2:30 pm

Media in Madhesh

Mr. Dharmendra Jha

slides (pptx, 65kB)


2:30 pm — 3:00 pm

Scope and Trend of Urbanization in Madhesh

Mr. Kishore Jha

Consulting Engineer/Urban Planner

slides (ppt, 3MB)


3:00 pm — 3:30 pm


Afternoon Session-B, Session Chair: Mr. Dipendra Jha

3:30 pm — 5:30 pm

Arvind Sah

slides (pptx, 1MB)

Jay Prakash Mahato
OBC, Morang

pdf (Nepali/ 64 kB)


Aniruddha Sah
Nepal Madhesh Foundation 

slides (pptx, 6MB)


Mr. Kapil Gyawali
Karnali Institute of Health Science

slides (ppt, 679kB)

Dr. Dambar N. Yadav

Madhesh Civil Society

5:30 pm — 5:40 pm

Closing / vote of thanks

Dr. C. K. Raut











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