A Conference on The Role of NGOs/INGOs in Developing Madhesh    

Sponsors Wanted:

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please send an email to ngoconf@gmail.com or contact any members of the committee.


General Chair

Dr. C. K. Raut, Scientist, USA
PhD (Cambridge)

Organised by:  Non-Resident Madheshis Association, USA

The Non-Resident Madheshis Association (NRM-A)  is a non-profit organisation incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. It is a global umbrella organisation of Madheshis living abroad, to foster the identity and the awareness of the issues of Madhesh and Madheshis, and to promote the welfare of all Madheshis.  The objectives of the NRM-A are: (a)  to promote the awareness of Madhesh and the Madheshi identity around the world, (b) to educate the world about the problems and issues of Madhesh and Madheshis, (c) to participate in the social and economic development agenda of Madhesh, (d) to voice a concern for the rights of all Madheshis, (e) to encourage the investment and development projects in Madhesh, (f) to promote  tourism in Madhesh, (g) to promote an environment of cooperation and support among the Madheshi students and professionals.

NRM-A attending UN LDC meeting

The Non-Resident Madheshis Association has represented Madheshis worldwide, including at the United Nations meetings at New York Headquarter (above)


Supported by

Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF), Nepal Director: Tula N. Shah
Dalit Development Committee (DDC), Nepal Chair: Narendra Paswan
Let’s Share Forum, Nepal Chair: Mahesh Thapa


Conference Management Committee

Dr. C. K. Raut, Scientist
Er. Deepak K. Sah, Engineer
Er. Dhirendra K. Sah, Engineer
Er. Dhupendra K. Jha, Engineer
Mr. Narendra Paswan, Social Worker

Supporting Committee

Ajay Kumar Jha
Basant Kumar Kushwaha
Binita Kumari
Madhav Mishra
Mahesh Isher
Parameshwar Mahato
Pramod Thakur
Surendra Narayan Yadav






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