A Conference on The Role of NGOs/INGOs in Developing Madhesh    

Sponsors Wanted:

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please send an email to ngoconf@gmail.com or contact any members of the committee.


Welcome Speech
Dr. C. K. Raut
Conference Chair

Keynote Speaker

His Excellency Robert Piper
United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nepal

Guest Speakers

Experts Papers (in no particular order)

  1. Dr. C. K. Raut
  2. Prof. Bishwa Tiwari
  3. Prof. Hari Bansh Jha
  4. Dr. Umashankar Prasad
  5. Dr. Sukhdev Shah
  6. Dr. Shree Govinda Shah
  7. Prof. Yogendra Yadava
  8. Dr. Krishna Chaudhary
  9. Mr. Zaheed Pervez
  10. Mr. Dinesh Tripathi
  11. Mr. Tula Narayan Shah
  12. Mr. Dipendra Jha
  13. Mr. Kishore Jha
  14. Prof. Madhavi Singh Shah
  15. Prof. Ram Kewal Shah
  16. Dr. Binod Bhatta
  17. Dr. Sanjiv Shah
  18. Mr. Suresh Pd. Mahato
  19. Dr. Ram Pukar Thakur
  20. Mr. Dharmendra Jha
  21. Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh
  22. Prof. P. K. Jha
  23. Dr. Amar Yadav
  24. Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh




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